Jennifer Buono Events is a full-service event planning and design firm with a concierge-style approach, ensuring your experience is both seamless + enjoyable throughout our high-touch process.  For over a decade, Jennifer has perfected the team's approach, refining her designs to embody a lived-in, sophisticated aesthetic that is warm and approachable.

The events Jennifer produces are, in the deepest sense reflective of the lifestyles and persona of her clients, above all ensuring no two events produced will be the same.  The team strives for highly anticipated, and engaging. They are curators of unforgettable moments for their clients and guests, unrivaled in their dedication to exceptional service and thought detail throughout each stage of the process, which is further detailed in her offerings below.

To preserve the quality of our client experience and the integrity of our design, we reserve a limited number events on our calendar year.  

intentional and in tune, stylish and tasteful

ensuring your event is       most highly anticipated event of     season      your guests are engaged at every turn 




We are visionaries of immersive experiences on behalf of our clients and their guests to further facilitate connections of permanent envelopment.

Our team executes highly anticipated destination events with poise, assertion, and leadership. We believe in the honor of heritage, in community, and in the expression of love.

Each client becomes the cornerstone of our creative vision, to connect the event to its location and cohesive storylines to our event design. 

Everything stems to and from the location chosen, which is why we begin with the selection of the region and venue location. We conduct an in person site visit to  ensure the flow of event, as well as determine the most suitable use for each of the events. Our negotiations and ultimately the procurement of all accommodations and multi-day locations begins after presenting our interpretation of the unfolding of weekend events that include the welcome, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and even brunch.

Location + Event Design


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Unrivaled                  dedication to           exceptional event production          destinations around          world

in our


Location procurement + EVENT DESIGN

Once the location is chosen, we connect the event to its respective environment, for an approachable, yet elevated aesthetic and feel. Celebrating each client's personal style and art for entertaining, we step inside your goals, your dreams to build and construct a reality that is far beyond what you initially thought possible.


Our team uses our in-house signature developed event planning systems, facilitating a high touch client communication experience from day one. Once the initial vision has been signed off on, we intentionally hand select and negotiate the terms for each vendor presented to you to promote a team that can be trusted to execute at a high level.

Planning + Event Production


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As full production begins, just months before the event dates, our team places orders to inspect any tangibles that have been custom designed and selected for your event, ensuring each is reserved and custom pieces are built to meet our level of expectation and quality. As the event logistics are finalized, our team confirms the expectations surrounding production and logistics with each member of your creative team.

planning + PRODUCTION

From Concept to Creation

Event Management


Let's Begin

Our management systems allow each of our clients to stay in communication and apprised as we progress through each stage of the event planning and design phases. Each client is presented with a client portal, which envelopes all corespondence and proposed information, as the timeline transpires across the duration of the event planning and design process.

Our event team manages each of the schedules and production of all moving parts to ensure your event is welcoming and timely for guests upon their arrival and throughout each of the events planned. Among our responsibilities are managing the travel and accommodations, security, transportation, and all guest experiences for the entirety of your event. 

 Intentional and in tune

Logistics + management

- Amanda and brad -

 "We will always remember our wedding day as the most perfect day. We have you to thank for ensuring each detail was flawless!" 

"Our thanks is long overdue for                  huge role you played in making             wedding day               success. Your diligence behind the scenes was apparent             shaped memories that will last a lifetime.


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With collective dedication to our clients and the demand for a high-touch collaborative process, we accept select few multi-day events per calendar year. 

An Exclusive wedding planning   design company