For nearly a decade, I've strived to tell our clients stories with captivating intention and thought detail. I draw inspiration from location and surrounding architecture, from your family's culture, and from my own interpretation of the narrative unfolding throughout our process. I enjoy the use of natural, raw material of the surrounding areas. And I believe that the design of your event is the sum of your life's work and that is the story I intend to tell through spatial and sensory experiences.

When I am not designing or on the ground bringing productions to life,  I love to travel, both nationally and abroad. I enjoy being outdoors, most often on the water. And my favorite room in the house is my kitchen. While my children don't often entertain a wild variety of flavors, I love to experiment with new recipes at home and will take any opportunity to entertain friends and family.

A North Carolina native, who relocated to Sarasota, Florida in 2010,  Jennifer has built her career and design firm around each new client with perspicacious detail and narrative. Influential of the lifestyles of her clients, she derives inspiration from architecture, travel, art, fashion, and culture to facilitate an event that is intuitive and embraces her clients past and present, with rooted intent of capturing the untold legacy. 

Jennifer has been fortunate to expand her design and event planning nationally. Having the experience of visiting and working with culturally diverse locations throughout her lifetime, she designs each event to be distinct to its location, seasonality, and her clients while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic direction that is true to her life's work. 

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"The team facilitates an environment, intuitively embracing their clients past         present, with rooted intent of capturing           untold legacy"



With collective dedication to our clients and the demand for a high-touch collaborative process, we accept select few multi-day events per calendar year. 

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