As influential luxury destination wedding planners and designers, the Jennifer Buono Events team delivers unforgettable, profound moments for their clients and guests. The dedication to detail and high-touch client communication have earned them the reputation of being a top event planning and design company in Florida and nationwide. Jennifer Buono Events is dedicated to bringing its clients' visions to life with creativity, innovation, and impeccable attention to detail. 

The team's ability to capture the essence of their clients aligns effortlessly with their process to create authentic celebrations. Having worked in the event industry for more than ten years, Jennifer has established relations with top professionals on a national and international scope. With direct access to the most accurate information, representations, and tastemakers in her field, she guarantees unparalleled excellence for every event in her calendar.

Collectively, the team dedicates itself wholeheartedly to clients from around the country to design, produce, and manage each moving part of the event, acting as the executive producer. From the ground up, the JBE team architects each event using specifically chosen design and CAD programs to introduce and articulate never-before-seen designs, resulting in a method that allows her clients to make effective and sound decisions on the proposed plans and the design framework. 

A North Carolina native who relocated to Sarasota, Florida 2010,  Jennifer has built her career and design firm around each new client with perspicacious detail and narrative. Influential to the lifestyles of her clients, she derives inspiration from architecture, travel, art, fashion, and culture to facilitate an event that is intuitive and embraces her client's past and present, with a rooted intent of capturing the untold legacy. 

Jennifer has expanded her design and event planning services nationwide. She has successfully undertaken numerous events, ranging from busy corporate conferences in metropolitan areas to intimate weddings in serene rural settings. Each event she designs is distinct in its location, seasonality, and clients while maintaining a consistent aesthetic direction that reflects her life's work.

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"The team facilitates an environment, intuitively embracing their clients past         present, with rooted intent of capturing                 untold legacy"



With collective dedication to our clients and the demand for a high-touch collaborative process, we accept select few multi-day events per calendar year. 

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